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Trigon Refrigerant Group specializes in refrigerant solutions for customers of all sizes nationwide.  We have a broad range of services to benefit your business, and offer the experience and quality you deserve. 

Experienced customer service representatives along with fully-certified technical support will offer your company the best possible service for new refrigerant needs. 

Our meticulous processes and procedures enable us to handle your recovered refrigerant to help keep your business EPA compliant. 

Our customers include HVAC contractors, manufacturing and government facilities, mechanical contractors and other facilities.

Refrigerant Reporting for EPA compliance

As you know, the EPA requires contractors and those handling refrigerant to recover any used refrigerant and to provide reporting if requested.

Companies have been asked for documentation of new refrigerant purchases, recovered refrigerant records, and service records. Companies who cannot produce those records are subject to large fines.

Trigon Refrigerant has developed a simple spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel to help our customers with refrigerant reporting for EPA compliance.

This document allows you to:
  1. Track recovered refrigerant
  2. Track new refrigerant purchases
  3. Summarize the recovered refrigerant and new purchases for the year
  4. Print a work order for technicians take on their jobs
  5. Track recovered and new refrigerant by technician.
  • New Refrigerant Sales of all Types
  • Purchase of Recovered Refrigerant
  • Refrigerant Reclamation
  • Cylinder Loaner Program
  • New Cylinder Sales
  • Cylinder Recertification
  • Painting and Valve Replacement
  • Recovery Services for all Size A/C Units and Chillers

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